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Valentine’s Day Outfits: how to dress for the holiday without looking like a greeting card

Alison Pegg

It’s SO easy to get overly cutesy for Valentine’s Day - February 14th seems to be taking the cheesiness torch from Christmas and turning it up a notch or 100. From stuff bears proclaiming limericks of love, to candy that literally makes your teeth fall out - it’s tough to navigate away from the super sweet side that the holiday brings. 

I do love the idea that the holiday is all about spreading love - but in a much more low-key way.  This extends to dressing festively for the fourteen of February - here are my ways to participate in this hallmark holiday understatedly, and not saccharinely sweet. 

Clothing: for any type of holiday, I tend to stick with my tried and true style, black/white/gray solids and timeless patterns. The most important thing to remember here is if you do experiment with a valentine’s day pattern, especially like this graphic heart sweater, keeping the color palate simple keeps it fresh. 

 l to r:  t-shirt  |  jumper  |  sweater

l to r: t-shirt | jumper | sweater

Accessories: if there’s one place to have a little fun on February 14th, or any holiday for that matter, it’s with accessories. From a scarf tied around a handbag, to an enamel pin decorating your favorite moto jacket, here is the one place where a little heart, or even a little red, is acceptable.

 l to r:  handbag  |  scarf  |  sunglasses

Jewelry: jewelry is another area where a tougher look is a safer look - rugged and grungy really helps to brings your ensemble down to earth. If you do go the rose gold route, make sure the hue is super pale and keep your jewelry uber minimal. 

 l to r:  ring  |  earrings  (under $10!) |  pin

l to r: ring | earrings (under $10!) | pin

Honorable mention: if there’s one person or group that can pull off a crazy valentine’s day print, it’s the guys. I’m loving this heart print button up, it would be perfectly styled with a black skinny tie, black pants, and moto jacket.